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1930 Ford Model A Coupe

1930 Model A Coupe as delivered.
Removing the body.
Coupe body after being chemically stripped.
Cowl patch panel fabricated and tack-welded in
New floor panels being riveted in.
Body is mounted on rotisserie to save time during bodywork tasks
Body wood being sealed with urethane after being fabricated and trial fitted.
Body wood being installed.
Interior brackets have been powdercoated to aid in preservation
Coupe top wood installed.
Rebuilt babbited Model ‘A’ engine w/ pressurized center main bearing.
Another view of the bottom end of the Model ‘A’ engine.
Assembling the transmission
Kevlar brake shoe lining for superior braking efficiency.
19” Model ‘A’ wheels that have been straightened and are awaiting powder paint.
Model ‘A’ wheels after Powdercoat painting
Coupe body on a special rotisserie ready for final sanding before paint.
View of bottom side of Coupe body prior to painting.
Right side door after color-sanding and ready to be buffed.
PPG Single-stage urethane on the body being color-sanded
Coupe body after color-sanding and buffing.
Installing the Duckdrill decking over the roof bow wood.
Custom fit body insulation installed and a view of the bottom of roof decking.
Cotton is installed over the roof decking prior to installing the top material.
Installing the top material over the cotton.
Assembling the chassis.
Final assembly of chassis prior to installing Coupe body.
Transmission installed in the powdercoated frame.
Test-fitting the front fenders on the chassis.
Another view of original front fenders being metalworked.
Fenders after metalworking, bodywork, and paint.  (note: straight bead edge)
Concours fit & finish on the front fenders after installation.
DeLuxe upholstery and woodgrained trim installed.
Dash rail and trim has been Mahogany woodgrained by our staff.
Another view of the mohair upholstery installed in-house by our craftsmen.
A view of the Model ‘A’ Coupe DeLuxe interior with correct plating on the brake handle & shift lever.
Taken during the final assembly stages of the restoration.
Model ‘A’ touring engine installed.
Award-winning paint work is a specialty at B. Terry Vintage Automotive.  (note: reflections in paint.)
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