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To date this car has earned its Antique Automobile Club of America ‘Senior’ award, and received it’s MARC of Excellence from the Model A Restorers Club.

1929 Ford Model A Fordor Sedan

A 1929 Briggs bodied 60C Fordor Sedan ready to be re-wooded.
Overall the body was in great condition however the wood was severely deteriorated in areas.
After the body was media-blasted, some accident damage was visible yet very fixable.
Some of the original wood.
Dismantling and removing the original wood to be used for patterns.
The rear section completely blasted and down to a bare shell.
Removing some minor dents with a Hammer & Dolly.
Using some of the old wood for patterns and drawing the shape onto the new wood planks.
With the sub-rails cut out of oak, the rear section is mock assembled to check the fit.
Fabricating the main rear structural member under the rear window.
With the metal repairs completed and the dents removed, the sheetmetal is sprayed with epoxy.
Individual pieces are labeled and awaiting to be pre-assembled before being sealed.
To preserve authenticity and structural integrity, the same joint construction is used just as it was done originally.
Corner pieces sawn into a rough shape.
Tight joints and good fits make for a quality body that travels without squeaks and rattles.
Gluing up and shaping the header panel.
In the final stages of wood assembly.
Bodyworking the body.
With all bodywork complete minus the final sanding, one last check to make sure all body panels align properly.
Final check of the door latch fit.
The body mounted onto the customer’s frame to ensure a good alignment.
Ready for final sanding and paint.
Painting the lower body color.
The lower body color (Vagabond Green) fully applied.
After the coordinating color (Rock Moss Green) has been sprayed, the top material is being installed.
A top view of the Duckdrill decking material nailed into position.
The body being installed on the chassis.
Carefully lowering the body onto the restored chassis.
I thought you might like to have a peek at the insides of the engine.  It is built to be a “runner”!
The body finally bolted to the chassis so that doors and fenders can be installed.
The body is pinstriped by hand in Straw color.
The back of the front seat being upholstered.
A view of the headliner.
A “spartan” yet tasteful interior sewn as originally equipped.
The driver’s compartment complete with rubber floormat.
The engine compartment.  (Looks totally stock doesn’t it??)
A view of the properly detailed undercarriage.
A view of the powdercoated undercarriage that will be easy to clean when driven in inclement weather.
The correctly detailed Firestone 21” tire.
1929 Phaeton, 1930 Sport Coupe, 1931 Coupe, 1930 Fordor Sedan, 1928 Roadster

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