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1929 Ford Model A Business Coupe

Being unloaded and prepped for a frame-up restoration.
Disassembly of 1929 Business Coupe body.
Disassembly of 1929 Business Coupe body.
After media blasting, rust damage is exposed.
Inner fender panel is repaired by fabricating and welding in sheetmetal panels.
Damaged area in the cowl panel repaired properly by hammering & dollying the weld prior to metalfinishing.
The Firewall is repaired by Tig welding a piece of sheetmetal into the damaged area.
The rough sawn wood is temporarily mocked-up prior to finishing.
More wood being temporarily installed.
Dents are properly removed using a Hammer & Dolly and with a Shrinking Disc.
Replacement floor pans are temporarily installed using Clecos prior to being properly riveted in.
Braces have been straightened and powder painted along with some of the wood infrastructure sealed and installed.
More of the Business Coupe top wood being installed.
Detailed view of the top wood.
Parts have been cleaned, painted, and ready to used in rebuilding the individual sub-components.
Rebuilt & painted Engine.
Flywheel housing, clutch housing, transmission case and other items properly painted Ford Engine Green.
Transmission parts ready to be assembled.
Transmission during the assembly process.
Assembling the rear end.
To ensure our quality standards are upheld, the chassis parts are prepped & powdercoated in-house and then readied for bolting onto the frame.
Close-up of the front suspension pieces.
Front brake housing plate has been restored with new or rebuilt components.
The engine has been installed into the chassis.
The left side of the rebuilt engine.
Rebuilt Transmission with lightened flywheel and modern clutch installed.
Final prep of the sheetmetal prior to spraying the Andalusite Blue paint.
Spraying the bottom side of the body.
Main color (Andalusite Blue) applied and ready for heat curing.
Applying the secondary trim color.
Overhead view of the restored chassis.
Straw wheels mounted on the chassis ready for the body installation.
Installing the body.
Seat upholstery has been installed.
Top fabric being installed on the bows.
Oval windows which are unique to the 1929 Business Coupe are installed.
Interior view of the top.
View of interior.
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