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The 1930 Ford Model A Tudor being driven back to the owner’s home in North Carolina.

1930 Ford Model A Tudor

Although it ran, this 1930 Sedan was due for a total restoration.
Ready for disassembly.
Removing the body revealed a rough, but restorable running gear.
Removing the old upholstery and wood from the interior.
Assessing the damage on the body and the necessary repair.
Body mounted on the fixture ready to have replacement sub-rails installed.
Close-up view of the structural damage.
The R/R Quarter panel infrastructure.
Rust damaged L/R Quarter panel.
Left side sub-rail.
Fitting the rear body crossmember to the sub-rails.
With the Quarter Panel removed, new patch panels are fabricated and fitted.
Cutting and installing wood into the body while it is aligned on the body fixture.
Preparing to install the right Quarter Panel patch panels.
Repairing the Firewall.
With the lower portion of the door re-skinned, the new patch panel contour can be matched to the door’s contour prior to welding it to the pillar post.
The sheetmetal repairs have been made and most of the metal straightened.
While the body is not totally supported on the cart allowing some door misalignment, it shows the finished sheetmetal repairs as the body is being moved to our Body Shop.
The old seat wood that was removed from the Tudor body that will be used for patterns.
The new seat wood cut, fabricated, and ready to be sealed urethaned.
The body is hand-sanded multiple times to smooth the sheetmetal.
The bodywork nearing completion.
In the spray booth being painted.
Another view of the initial coat of black paint.
The front fenders after being painted.
“Its gotta be straight if its gonna be Black!”, …and the quality shows that the bodywork is superb.
Installing the top material and the drip rail mouldings.
The drip mouldings installed and ready for paint.
The frame has been straightened and the rivets tightened, and has been removed from the jig awaiting to be painted.
The rebuilt engine and transmission being readied for installation.
Installing the body onto the chassis.
Preparing to install the R/R fender.
In the final stages of assembly.
The interior panels are trial fitted and the fabric re-glued to ensure quality fitment & finish.
Installing the seat cushion material.
Since the owner intends on driving this car year-around, a manifold heater was installed to provide heat in the driver & passenger’s compartment.
The window trim has been Mahogany woodgrained in-house as was originally done on the DeLuxe Tudor Sedans
The rear seat upholstery.
For added safety, turn signals have been added to the existing headlights & tail lights, and the only tell-tale sign is the switch mounted on the gear shift lever.
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